1.  The judge must impose a prison sentence, there is no fine.  The fine amount and jail time depend on the results or your refusal of any alcohol/drug test offered by the arresting officer. There is NO PROBATION -- YOU WILL GO TO PRISON IF CONVICTED.

2.  For a fourth offense your driving privileges will be “forever barred.”  However, it may be possible to get your license reinstated after seven (7) years. (Please ask us about this) 

3.  An ignition interlock device will be required to be installed on your vehicle for the rest of your life.  You will be responsible for the cost to have the device installed and maintained while on your vehicle.

4.  For fifth and subsequent offenses, your driving privileges will be suspended permanently, for life.

5.  You can complete ADSAP and install an IID but you will be required to have it for life.  There is no provision to ask for it to be removed after a certain number of years.